God is very clear in his Word:  he expects thank offerings from his people. Gospel based ministries are the recipients of this giving. Cornerstone supports this truth by creating opportunities for joyful giving. We do this by using a 2000-year-old-God-given technique: God’s people respond when they have contact with the Gospel. In addition, we inform, inspire and invite God’s people during the funding process. All of Cornerstone’s funding structures are aimed at spiritual growth and challenge God’s people to grow and give joyfully. Whatever your funding situation, Cornerstone offers a solution.


 Funding for a Church

Annual Stewardship Appeal

Cornerstone’s approach to annual stewardship appeals is gospel based. Members grow in their understanding and participation of offerings, worship, and Bible study. Rather than concentrating on needs and budgets, our annual appeals focus on leading members in discovering the heart-felt joy of giving. Yearly increases of 5% to 15% are seen using these 2 – 4 week programs. View our resources and contact us for more information and prices.  


Capital Campaign

This funding option strengthens leadership, gives momentum to a project, inspires members, and results in joyful giving. When a congregation engages with God in an act of true stewardship, all of God’s people are involved and each member has the opportunity to commit and grow spiritually. A large sum of money is raised, but the final product has a tremendous effect upon God’s people. Cornerstone has developed three effective funding processes that congregations may choose from:  Gatherings; Stewardship Emphasis; Counselor. Each capital appeal has unique features for your congregation and challenges God’s people to grow in the grace of giving.


Special Needs / Crisis Funding

At times, ministries may find themselves in situations where funds are lacking and are needed. We offer several alternatives based on your situation. The chosen option is determined by the amount of dollars needed and the desired timeframe (1 month to 1 year) for funds to be received. We have found that each situation is unique and calls for its own solution. A phone call to one of our staff will generate options and help clarify needs.


Funding for a School or Organization


Capital Campaign

Campaigns are wonderful opportunities to connect with your community while seeking funds for ministry. Our track record is extensive and always leaves the organization stronger than when first begun. Cornerstone offers biblically grounded campaigns reflecting and emphasizing the joy of Jesus. This truth resonates with your constituency. Our campaigns are carefully crafted to fit the culture and special emphasis of your ministry. Whether your ministry is a Lutheran Elementary School, high school or a hybrid of the two, our creative and flexible solutions will meet your needs. Substantial dollars will be raised.


Development Solutions

Development Solutions provides an assessment of the core functions of the organization’s development program. It also may be utilized for training additional development staff to complement the existing or to provide development staff where there is none. Organizations may select a combination of services or focus on one single component. Flexibility is the key with organizational needs driving the solution. Development Solutions is custom designed around four major components:

~  Development Audit (assessment of the development office)

~  Development Vision and Strategic Planning (planning for funding)

~  Development Staffing (securing more assistance)

~  Development of School Admissions & Marketing (inviting more to attend)

The above solutions always address the basic function of every development office: How do we create adequate streams of revenue to fund our ministry? Our experienced and knowledgeable staff stands ready to assist in meeting your needs at your place under your timeline. Contact a staff member to learn more.


Special Needs / Crisis Funding / Annual Appeals

At times, schools may need ideas and assistance in generating funds for the short-term. We have a wealth of experience for these special situations. We invite you to make a phone call to one of our staff. Our guarantee is that we will generate at least two concrete options to obtain additional funding. Contact us for more information

Free 30 Minute Consultation

As part of our service to the kingdom, Cornerstone Stewardship Ministry will gladly arrange a free, 30-minute consultation between any organization and one of our consultants. There is no cost and never an obligation to use our services. This consultation gives Cornerstone an opportunity to help you define your needs and generate options for your next steps. Consultations are generally conducted by phone. However, if a consultant is in your area, they would be happy to offer this consultation in person. These consultations are an opportunity for us to “give back.”  


You can arrange this consultation by calling our office at 920-648-7997, connecting via phone with one of our staff or completing the form below: 

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