Cornerstone recognizes the importance of effectively planning for ministry. The process of planning is just as important as the plan itself. No matter where you are in the current planning stage, Cornerstone will successfully channel your efforts into a unique program that fits your needs. Using any combination of the following processes, we design and assist you in getting ready for the next steps. 

Readiness Planning (Feasibility Study)

This facilitating process allows Cornerstone to work with leadership and your ministry to sharpen the vision for the future and clarify how the proposed project fits into the scope of what God has planned. Through surveys and interviews, we are able to measure the attitudes and opinions of constituency, determine what financial goals are attainable and verify the proposed case statement for a campaign. In addition, we provide advanced marketing to the constituency and collect data to determine the type of funding initiative or campaign that ought to be conducted. The outcome of this planning process is to assure support with recommendations for successful implementation.


Project Planning

The outcome goal of this three phase process is to prepare for a capital appeal at the congregational level. Cornerstone guides leadership by facilitating discussion among congregational members and seeks input from the same. Preliminary financial plans, appeal theme, interactive discussion sessions, communications, and adoption of project plans and timetable are outcomes of this planning. Consensus building is stressed.


Strategic Ministry Planning

In this facilitating process, Cornerstone assists leadership and the ministry to sharpen the vision for the future and clarify how it can initiate new ministry programs to share the Gospel. It includes a variety of data gathering options to garner understanding and support of the ministry. Through workshops, discussions and input, specific ministry plans begin to evolve with the adoption of a 3-5 year strategic ministry plan. A communication piece is developed as well as an accountability component for follow through. When completed, supporters are engaged and motivated to move forward with ministry plans. The planning process is unique for congregation and school.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

As part of our service to the kingdom, Cornerstone Stewardship Ministry will gladly arrange a free, 30-minute consultation between any organization and one of our consultants. There is no cost and never an obligation to use our services. This consultation gives Cornerstone an opportunity to help you define your needs and generate options for your next steps. Consultations are generally conducted by phone. However, if a consultant is in your area, they would be happy to offer this consultation in person. These consultations are an opportunity for us to “give back.”  


You can arrange this consultation by calling our office at 920-648-7997, connecting via phone with one of our staff or completing the form below:  

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