Generosity and generous givers can not happen without teaching, modeling, and a focused effort. Learning, planning and connecting are the building blocks to creating generous givers. We invite you to explore the opportunities and resources that we offer. These resources foster fresh and innovative ideas to move your church, school or organization on a path towards continuous and joyful generosity. 


Programs and Seminars


First Things First

An on-site workshop for congregations considering building. This hands-on workshop provides principles and guidelines for leaders as they move through the building planning process, from beginning planning up to construction. Next step recommendations are provided for leaders. Learn more about this workshop.


Excel in the Grace of Giving

This seminar based program encourages first-fruit giving through a fresh approach especially during challenging times. It also can serve as a congregation wide education program for Gospel based giving. Past congregations have experienced 15% to 20% increases in annual offerings. Excel in the Grace of Giving is not your typical giving approach. It is not about just raising dollars or supporting the “budget”. It is a call to action, a call to change the heart of giving in your church. Learn more about this seminar.


Growth in Giving Workshop

This on-site workshop for congregational leaders offers a fresh approach to addressing the topic of generosity. How do leaders create a culture of generosity in their church? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your stewardship ministry? Why do some congregations rarely have “money” problems while others struggle to meet ministry needs? Answers to these questions and more are provided during this 5-6 hour workshop. Groups of congregations are encouraged to attend. Learn more about this workshop.


Newsletters and Publications


Cornerstone produces newsletters for the benefit of God's kingdom. Learn about grace giving, ministry planning and other timely topics.                                                                                                                                                          

Ministries have many choices when connecting with members and friends. The free ebook, Be Social, gives an excellent overview of the available choices in today’s society. We discovered a valuable resource to help with connecting.



Videos on Giving and Money



Observe Co-Founder Jeff Davis speak on various stewardship topics and issues. View the latest in a series of topics on giving and money.